A Happy New Year, 2021

Good-bye, 2020 and welcome 2021!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!

The year, 2020, must have been the most difficult and memorable (not in a good way) year for everyone in the world. The deadly and infectious virus called COVID-19 spread, infected and killed more than 1 million of people last year. Many businesses were forced to be closed in order to prevent infections, and schools were also closed. This completely changed how we live. We try to avoid any (unnecessary) social gatherings. We wear a mask in a public place, etc... When we are somewhat getting used to this lifestyle, a new strain of the virus emerged...

We sure are living in the most difficult time. But, there is also some hopes. Vaccines against VOVID-19 have been created and have become available to the public. People, we have survived so far, and we can beat this virus when we all work together. Let's make this year be the one we beat the virus and survive.

Stay healthy and may this year be filled with hopes and happiness to EVERYONE!!!

That's all!

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