Displaying Desktop Notification w/ cron

Gentoo Linux needs to run a set of scheduled maintenance commands to keep the system up-to-date. I try to run them weekly, but I sometimes (or often) forget to do so. To remind myself, I decided to display some kind of system notification. Gentoo Linux comes with a command for that. It's called notify-send. This command can be configured to run weekly with cron (with a bit of extra commands and arguments). After playing with different options, following setting with cron finally worked for me.

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# crontab -e # This command runds at 7am on Fridays 00 7 * * 5 export DISPLAY=:0.0 && export XAUTHORITY=/home/[user-name]/.Xauthority && /usr/bin/notify-send -t 0 'Maintenance' 'Run the maintenance commands'

Without the -t 0 option, the notification disappears within a certain time. This option will let the notification stays up until it's clicked.

Step for Maintaining Gentoo Server

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