AIX: HOWTO: Apply Patch(es)

This is a collection of AIX tips from the time I worked as system admin:

The information below is the result of my researches in the Internet and of my experiences. It is solely used for my purpose and may not be suitable for others.

  1. Always run the inutoc command to ensure the installation subsystem will recognize the new fix packages you download. This command creates a new .toc file for the fix package. Run the inutoc command in the same directory where you downloaded the package filesets. For example, if you downloaded the filesets to /usr/sys/inst.images, run the following command: # inutoc /usr/sys/inst.images

  2. For selected updates
    To install selected updates from this package, use the following command: # smit update_by_fix

  3. For all updates
    To install all updates from this package that apply to the installed filesets on your system, use the following command: # smit update_all It is highly recommended that you apply all updates from this package.

  4. Reboot the system. A reboot is required for this update to take effect.
  5. That's all!

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