FreeBSD: Disabling System Bell/Beep (Hardware Bell)

One of annoying things with notebook is the beep when you hit a wrong key. This is a way to disable system beep/bell.

The information in this site is the result of my researches in the Internet and of my experiences. This information below is solely used for my purpose and may not be suitable for others.

This is a recommended way to disable it but it did not work for me.# sysctl hw.syscons.bell=0 hw.syscons.bell: 1 -> 0 # sysctl -a | grep bell hw.syscons.bell: 0

Here is another way that worked for my HP Pavilion dm3-1130us notebook. Try this on a console and see if it disables a beep:# kbdcontrol -b

If this works, make it permanent by editing /etc/rc.conf: # vim /etc/rc.conf ---------------------------------- allscreens_kbdflags="-b"

That's all!

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  1. Tofue

    On my lenovo g50-45 (freebsd 11) I had to set sysctl kern.vt.enable_bell=0 in addition to hw.syscons.

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